In January 2015, I started a project to create a mobile app for Android devices only. It was called Super Soccer. It’s a simple soccer app that anyone can play. I used MIT App Inventor to create my app. It is a program that uses blocks of code to create an app. It is used by kids and adults everywhere.

The inspiration for Super Soccer came from my love of soccer. I decided (since it was my first app) for my app to be on my favorite sport. It turns out, that after tinkering around with backgrounds and elements, I made a fairly decent game for a kid of my age.

The reason I made this app is because I had decided to enter myself into a technology competition. The categories where :

-App Development


-Movie Making

-3d Modeling

-Computer Coding/ Computer Programs

I wasn’t able to make it in to the top 3 apps for an award, but it was worth a stab anyway. I at least got a participation certificate to know I had done a lot of hard work. I would recommend coding and app development to all kids. It gives you a great start to computer programs if you’re are planning to be a person who codes or fixes computers.

Look at this video on a kid who makes award winning mobile apps for some inspiration. If he can do it, you can too: