BasuScore: 1.5/5

Based on the series of best-selling smartphone apps, “The Angry Birds Movie” has a very easy-to-understand synopsis. A community of fat green pigs, along with their king named Leonard, try to steal eggs from our favorite bird characters. Red, the films outcast-turned-hero (or you might know him as the small Red bird in the game), try’s to convince the people that the pigs are mysterious and are here for something else, but he is overlooked. Once the pigs lure everyone into a party, they steal the eggs and ransack the whole town. After these events, the whole town teams up with Red to stop the pigs from their evil deeds. The film didn’t really start off with a bang. Then it got a little better, and the end left us feeling a little happy with a nice song from the hatchlings. The film fails to deliver some of the fun and excitement that we thought it would deliver. But, to give the film some leeway, it is kind of hard to make a film of a simple-to-play smartphone app. I think many people had high hopes for this film, but in the end, you could say it was a bit of a flop. On the plus side, the cast was well picked, the voices were well done, and it had great animation. Sadly, this wasn’t enough to save this film from being not up to its expectations.