Smart speakers can do a number of different things, including answer questions, control smart home devices, set alarms, play music, and more. Each speaker has different strengths and weaknesses, but companies like Amazon and Google are working hard to fill the gaps and make these speakers even smarter. So that begs the question which is right for you.


Amazon Echo:
– 7 microphones array
– Speaker input
– Bluetooth, WiFi
– Access to Amazon apps like Amazon Music and shopping
– Width: 3.3 in
Depth: 3.3 in
Height: 9.3 in
Weight: 2.35 lbs

Google Home:
– Wifi
– Access to Google apps like Google Music and shopping
– Can control components in your house
– No bluetooth connectivity
– Micro-USB port
– Diameter: 3.79 in (96.4 mm)
Height: 5.62 in (142.8 mm)
Weight: 1.05 lbs (477 g)


The Google Home costs $129, while the original Amazon Echo is more expensive, at $179.99. You can also pick up smaller versions of both as well as the 2nd generation versions.

Miniature Versions

First there’s the Amazon Echo Dot. A new one costs about $50 and a used one can be found for under $40. This is half the price of the regular Echo. It has a much more circular design and a light up ring and it keeps has all the features of a regular Echo. It looks less sleek. On the other hand, the Google Home Mini, which was released a little over 2 weeks ago, is the google home shrieked down that still contains all of the features of a regular google home. It has a sleek pebble design with a speaker on top and 3 lights that give it a nice look that blends in with an office space. It costs about $50 which is less than half the price of the original, just like the echo.

After all that has been said, would you buy it?