This past weekend I celebrated the night before my birthday by going to 2 fantastic culinary establishments. Here are my thoughts


O-Ku is an establishment which serves up a multitude of quality sushi and drinks. You can sit at regular table, but if one is not available when you get there, or for booking (we asked if they had an open table when we tried to reserve one, but they had nothing earlier than 9:30) you can sit at the sushi bar, which is certainly a better choice than a table in my opinion. The items we ordered took less than 5 minutes to finish, but the craft and time put into the preparation of these foods is very much visible. For example, the king crab has this wonderfully soft yet partially rubbery texture that makes you go, “Ya, that certainly tastes like crab to me.” The presence of sauces, though quite minimal, are a great way to round out all of the flavors with a sweet/sour kick. The presentation, as expected, was simple and proper. For any special occasion you might have, this is the go to place for a celebration.

All in all this place is exactly what it should be considering the look, atmosphere, and craft that was put into this place.

Rating: 4.5/5

Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream

Sub Zero is basically a “modern mom and pap” shop that serves ice cream with a twist: they add in nitrogen for flavor. It’s certainly not a prolific, profound, or high end establishment. It’s just a nice, fairly modern ice cream shop. They have a multitude of classic as well as new era flavors that can have small add-ons mixed into them. They also have specially themed concouctions of their own. All in all, it was a fun little experience, and I’m sure to be going there again.

Rating: 5/5


Westside Ironworks, 1085 Howell Mill Rd NW A3, Atlanta, GA 30318

250 Park Ave W NW #5, Atlanta, GA 30313
(Sub Zero Nitrogen Ice Cream)