I have recently decided to update everyone on my status with Kiva as it has been a good year or 2 since I last did. Since I last spoke about Kiva I have donated $575 to countries ranging from Ecuador to Rwanda over 6 years. Kiva, for those who don’t know, is a crowdfunding website where you fund your project by raising money from a wide variety of individuals. This is done on an online platform with a community of individuals that wants to help. With crowdfunding, it is easier to brand and market your business, since the individuals who wants to help can also promote your business for you. Through crowdfunding, I have been able to donate to people who are in need. This is done in small loans of 10-25 dollars. Most recently I donated Litzy Damaris from Ecuador who was in need of a loan to reactivate her business which has been struck down due to the Covid-19 pandemic and I also lent to Monserrate Del Carmen who needed money to buy stationery and books for her shop. These 2 donations will make a huge impact on their families who aren’t the most fortunate amidst this pandemic