BasuScore: 5/5

Do you ever wonder what happens when 2 restaurants go to war. Thats exactly what Hasan would do for his family’s restaurant when they open up a indian cuisine next to the best french food eatery, so good that even the president dines there. Hasan Kadam is man with an amazing passion for cooking food. After his family looses everything to a fire, they start a new life in France. When they discover a property for sale, they decide to turn it into a restaurant named Maison Mumbai. But, they soon realize they have bitten off more than they can chew. Only a hundred feet away, stands an amazing Michelin starred french eatery ran by a lady named Madame Mallory who is determined to have Maison Mumbai closed down for good. But after Hassan makes her an omelet that could all change. Madame Mallory knows how it should taste and her views could lead Hassan to cooking fame. I would give this film five stars for the great plot and the direction.

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Hundred Foot Journey