BasuScore: 5/5

Imagine you’re a sports agent who needs to find a new baseball player and one, you’re out of money ,and two you’re biggest client has signed a contract with “the other guy.” That’s what happens to L.A. sports agent J.B Berainstien when he loses a potential client named Popo (a former NFL player). His last hope is India where people enjoy the game cricket ( a baseball-like game). ” The Million Dollar Arm” is based on a true story about ¬†how two young indian boys , Rinku and Dinesh, become all-star baseball pitchers.

In the movie J.B. Berainstien finds himself in a tricky situation of getting a new client. So he uses a competition called Million Dollar Arm to find young talent in India. While in India he meets Amit ,a lover of baseball, who agrees to work for J.B. free. J.B. goes around India trying to find a person who can pitch in the 80’s. He just can’t seem to find one until Dinesh and Rinku show up. Now J.B. struggles to train¬†them so they can be MLB baseball pitchers. I would give this movie five stars for great direction.