Hey guys, I just went on a field trip a month ago. It was two days away from home and with my class peers. The place was called Washega 4-H Center. It had a duck that walked around Washega freely. Also I was able to get nature pics. Check out the video. This was an experience with snakes, rivers, mountains, and hiking trails. It was a great adventure to me.

On our first day we started with lunch and recess. Then we took a break and took a hike afterward. As we walked we saw the vast variety of trees and water bodies. We then went to build shelters in survival class. We also learned about living in the wild. Then we went to have dinner. Afterwards, we had a sensory class. Do you Know why pirates wear eye patches? Well, they wear them so that if they ever have to fight in the dark, they would have one eye ready to fight. After that , it was time to take a shower and get rest. One thing, we did for fun was have a pillow fight. Also we did a tournament with Uno (a game that my friend brought on the trip).

The next day we woke up early for breakfast. When we were done we got ready and fueled for our last day at Washega. We went on a hike again and answered questions. We relized part of Washega goes through a national park. Then we had lunch. It was finally time for stream ecology. We got to go hunting for crawfish. We got our pants wet and are hands dirty. When we went to pioneer life and we got a taste of the pioneer chores back then. We also ate a food from the pioneers days called cornbread. That night, we had an Uno tournament up till 11:00.

When we  got up the next morning we packed up everything. Then we ate breakfast. As we got on the bus I was happy to have been able to go to Washega.