¬†“The Giver” is about a boy who lives in a futuristic community. His name is Jonas. In his world there is no conflict, no questions, and precise language. Life in his world is idyllic. Every one is the same except Jonas.

But then, at the ceromony of twelves, when Jonas expects to have a regular job, instead he is chosen for reciver of memory. He starts training with a man named the Giver. But when his life goes for a loop, he must make a long journey. In his time with the Giver, he learns many things.

He learns that no one has memories. There is also no snow, hail, rain, or sunlight. He also learns that choice to do something was taken away. Instead, people follow a list of rules.

The Giver was a very good book. It gives the answer to the questions about our world in the future and how it would be. This story also focuses on a world without imperfectionand the effect of it. This book is also related to “The Hunger Games” and “Divergent” for they answer the same questions but with diffrent charecters and each a different setting. I would give the book the Giver five stars.