Donald Trump is a presidential candidate from the Republican Party. Many people have criticized, insulted, and unnerved him. Recently news has popped up that Mr. Trump says he could have stopped 9/11. Donald Trump is looking at a tough campaign. He has insulted women online. He is saying rude things about other candidates, and he never finished college. Mr. Trump is also unable to provide some of the necessary answers to important campaign questions. He gives too many excuses.

Now, lets get into a major issue. Donald Trump was accused of calling all women “stupid”, “useless pigs”, and other terrible slangs. Would you honestly want a president who insults his very own people? Never in my life! Donald Trump’s words has gotten him in a big hole. The general public has reached a  boiling point and no one likes his excuses.

Now Mr. Trump and Jeb Bush are feuding, because Donald Trump “feels he could have stopped 9/11.” It seems as if Donald Trump is trying to get attention by causing trouble. But, all he’s doing is making a bigger and bigger problem for him to handle. The more the hole grows, the worse his campaign gets.

If you want a better president, don’t waste your time on Donald Trump. Here are some good candidates :

  • Hilary Clinton
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Jeb Bush

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