Dr. Pourya Pashootan was off duty when he heard shots being fired. He said to CNN,” In the middle of this tragedy…. we were there to show that we’ll always be there.” Dr. Pashtoon went down to the first floor of the hospital where most of the victims were. While in the hospital he took the photo shown above to give hope to people of Paris, France.

Dr. Pashootan treated about 27 people from the attacks in total from the attacks. He had never treated so many people with bullets injuries. Dr. Pashootan said,” ….There was injury of the face, injury of the thorax, the stomach…” He noticed that a lot of the victims were young people.

Dr. Pashootan worked with his fellow doctors to help these people. There were so many coming at once. This was, what he felt, a symbol of hope to the people that they would make everything get back to normal. He took a picture of all the workers working in the hospital and sent it to the people of France to convey his message.

Not all was back to normal though. The police raided a nearby hotel to try to find attackers from the bombings. This ended at 11:46 am.

People say a picture is worth a 1000 words. This picture is a 1000 words of hope. If you ever get time, have a minute of silence to show your solidarity to the people of France.