Zootopia: Review and How Relate to Real-World Events

BasuScore: 5/5

Zootopia is a film about a bunny named Judy who wants to be a cop in the big city of Zootopia where “anyone can be anything”. When her manager puts her on a missing mammal case she suspects a fox. They end up teaming up to solve the mystery. This film was good not only because its animation is splendid,¬†along with its voice casting. It seemed to benefit from a great critical perspective. The film also had many wonderfully placed political aspects. For those of you who have seen this film, you will know what I am talking about if you watched it carefully. That is what we will be discussing today.

The first thing this movie depicts is racism. In the first scene, that shows Judy as a young bunny, she says she wants to be a cop. A bully named Gideon Gray calls out saying that a bunny cop is the stupidest thing he has ever heard of. There has never been a bunny cop ever in the history of this animal world. There is also racism against foxes too. In a scene that comes after the first few scenes is when the parents give Judy fox repellent and many other tools that keep away foxes before she goes off to Zootopia. This signifies racism against foxes.

Another issue plaguing Zootopia is corruption. At the end of the movie, everyone finds out that the Assistant Mayor is shooting predators in Zootopia and making them go savage. She is doing this for power. This shows how corrupt a seemingly perfect place can be. This may remind you of Syria’s government and the terrible war that is going on which brings me to my next issue.

There is a tension in the city when Officer Hopps is put on the spot after seemingly solving the case. She says that predators have lost their sanity and gone back to their savage killing ways. The whole city erupts into this paranoia that animals are going to start killing each other. This paranoia causes a “Cold War” between predators and prey.

So what do you think? Was there anything else I didn’t catch. Tell me in the comments bellow. Bye for now!

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